Olduvai gorge

Olduvai Gorge seen from space

The Olduvai Ensemble for original world music composition was founded in 2011 by Oscar van Dillen, who is also composer and artistic director.

Named after the Olduvai Gorge in Africa, historic cradle of Mankind, the artistic mission of the Olduvai Ensemble for original world music composition is to develop and present a new music repertoire, connecting globally to people, ages and civilizations, as a reminder to the fact that as humans we will always share more than we differ.

Music is a common language everywhere, and therefore, regardless of style, in its essence still primal enough to be understood with a deeper and older part of our being.

The inspiring elements coming from cultures worldwide affect all compositions and run through all performances, which also use contemporary and jazz elements, also in improvisations. Flexible durations are due to various improvisation modules in the compositions. The unique musical style offers a synthesis of disciplines, attitudes and techniques from various composed and improvised traditions.

All compositions © Oscar van Dillen

see: www.olduvai-ensemble.com