Codarts logoWorld Music Composition in Practice (WMCP) is a conservatory-wide minor for the bachelor and master programmes by Oscar van Dillen since fall 2008 at Codarts University for the Arts, Rotterdam, after a succesfull pilot as a choice subject concluded in 2004, also available for students of Royal Conservatory of Den Haag and the University of Amsterdam. It is the successor of the course Composing/Arranging World Music, which ran up to summer 2008.

WMCP today is a 1 year course in 2 distinct semester programmes, teaching original world music composition in a very practical way (2×6=12 EC).

General description

  • Module A (Sep-Jan) – On Melody and Harmony (focus-word: sound)
  • Module B (Jan-June) – On Rhythm and Form (focus-word: time)

Detailed updated module description

Teacher: Oscar van Dillen

Number of study credits: 2×6=12 EC max. in total

Relation to professional practice: Students will acquire basic professional working skills in composing original music for a variety or combination of World Music instruments.

short description of contents: World Music Composition in a very practical way: critically sharing, commenting, refining and performing original works with and by the students. Various approaches to composition are included in the lessons, ranging from creating scores to sketching form-concepts, different traditions of musical notation are also treated.

Module A – sound (Fall): will be focusing on melody and harmony. Students will be taught and enabled to independently make, (co-)produce and (co-)perform new original world music compositions, with aspects and elements of especially melody and harmony, inspired by and based upon at least the various world music traditions surveyed and studied in the lessons.

Module B – time (Spring): will be focusing on rhythm and form. Students will be taught and enabled to independently make, (co-)produce and (co-)perform new original world music compositions, with aspects and elements of especially rhythm and form, inspired by and based upon at least the various world music traditions surveyed and studied in the lessons.

Exam form: Presenting a portfolio containing at least 1, during the minor newly created, original world music composition in print and audio: scores and recordings/simulations in for example mp3 format with brief documentation and explanation of stages of development of idea and result.

Assessment criteria: The material will be assessed on the elements of originality of the idea, applicability within the scope of the lessons, compositional quality, possible performance and notational quality if applicable.

Sources, literature:

* World Music, a global journey, Miller/Shariari, Routledge 2006
* Musical Terms Worldwide, Hartong, Semar/Codarts 2006
* The Raga Guide, Bor, Nimbus/Codarts 1999
* Turkish Music Makam Guide, Aydemir, Pan 2010
* Twentieth Century Harmony, Vincent Persichetti, Faber 1961
* Unterweisung im Tonsatz, Hindemith, Schott 1937
* De Toonklok, Peter Schat, Meulenhoff 1984 ed. The Tone Clock, Harwood 1993
* Give my regards to Eighth Street, Feldman/Friedman, Cambridge 2000
* Structure and Style, Stein, Princeton 1979
* Studies in African Music 1+2, Jones, Oxford 1959
* The Music of Santeria, Amira/Cornelius, White Cliffs 1992
* Darbuka patterns (collected by Alper Kekec)
* various online materials a.o.

Class of 2003-2004 (pilot group as choice-subject)

  1. Ofra Avni
  2. Bárbara Cordón
  3. Marino Delgado Rivilla
  4. Marloes van Elswijk
  5. Isaac Jeldres
  6. Angela Lehr
  7. Joan Millà Faura
  8. Marlene Parafioriti
  9. Siddharta Siliceo
  10. Antonio Tirado Mora
  11. Céline Wadier
  12. Felix Woldenberg

not yet all data available of the groups between 2004-2008

the following groups followed a one year programme:

Class of 2008-2009 (first group as a minor subject)

WMCP concert 2009

WMCP concert 2009

  1. Suat Aydemir
  2. Hüseyin Badili
  3. Özgür Demir
  4. Sascha Eichhorn
  5. Miguel Hiroshi Garcia
  6. Manuel Gutierrez Rojas
  7. Alet Kluitenberg
  8. Stefanie Lehmann
  9. Julia Ohrmann
  10. Natalia Pasarisa
  11. Aura Rascon Becerra
  12. Matias Recharte
  13. Ermis Savvantoglu
  14. Frank Vidal
  15. Nurten Yalnız Çakmak

Class of 2009-2010

WMCP concert 2010

WMCP concert 2010

A selection of works was presented at the Full Moon concert june 2010.

  1. Suat Aydemir
  2. Stijn Blokker
  3. Özgür Demir
  4. Ruth Anne Godfrey
  5. Irene Ayala Novoa
  6. Alvaro Rovira Ruiz

Class of 2012-2013


WMCP concert 2013

A selection of works was presented at the Polyethnic Mosaic concert 14 May 2013.

  1. Maartje Dekker
  2. David Garcia Garcia
  3. Fred Jacobsson
  4. Anahid Khatcheressian
  5. Jan Kuhr
  6. Rafael Palacios Ugalde
  7. Birgit de Priester
  8. Falk Schrauwe
  9. Jacobus Thiele
  10. Alexandre Vansalen

Class of 2013-2014

collected compositions 2014

WMCP concert 2014

A selection of works was presented at the Collected Compositions concert 6 May 2013.

  1. Bernardo Lopes Adario
  2. Eren Aksahin
  3. Julian Berg
  4. Zdravko Božić
  5. Nikos Galenianos
  6. Rik van der Ouw
  7. Carmelo Emanuele Patti
  8. Sophie Reekers
  9. Aniek de Rooij
  10. Dominik Sehlbach
  11. Lina Sommer

from here on, the module is split into two halves, each of one semester:

Class of Spring 2015

world music composition class spring 2015

world music composition class spring 2015

  1. Theo de Jager
  2. Matthijs van Niekerk
  3. Georgia Nikolaou
  4. Sofia Tsairidou
  5. Janis Leon Wolff

Class of Fall 2015

  1. Musab Açiksöz
  2. Prodromos Baklatzis
  3. Abhisek Prasad Bhadra
  4. Simone Bottasso
  5. Oscar Antoli Castellano
  6. Nea-Maria Korpelainen
  7. Erik Larrea
  8. Danai Loukidi
  9. Georgia Nikolaou
  10. Stamatis Pasopoulos
  11. Efthymios Stavropoulos
  12. Christos Thomaidis
  13. Sofia Tsairidou

Class of Spring 2016

  1. Abhisek Prasad Bhadra
  2. Simone Bottasso
  3. Timoteo Carbone
  4. Daniel Clason
  5. David Gutierrez Franco
  6. NeaMaria Korpelainen
  7. Erik Larrea
  8. Liyuan Lin
  9. Danai Loukidi
  10. Ioannis Marinos
  11. Ivo Paunov
  12. Viola Rossi
  13. Efthymios Stavropoulos

Class of Fall 2016

WMCP concert 2017

  1. Isabel Bermejo Sainz
  2. Bagus Gede Krishna
  3. Liyuan Lin
  4. Daniel Mastrovito
  5. Tim Povel
  6. Juliano Taques Bittencourt Abramovay
  7. Kaspar Uljas
  8. Buket Zor

Class of Spring 2017

  1. Christian Beau Anastasiou Astrop
  2. Donatas Bielunskis
  3. Robin Druiven
  4. Rumon Hagenaars
  5. Bagus Gede Krishna
  6. Sarang Lee
  7. Tim Povel
  8. Kenny Redjopawiro
  9. Kaspar Uljas
  10. Koen de Vries
  11. Buket Zor